Discipleship Lab

Discipleship Lab is a 6 month, in-depth, group discipleship training program that’s designed to help church leaders, small group leaders and any other Christian make disciples who then make more disciples.

Over the course of 6 months, you will meet every other week with an online group of workers from a diverse set of ministry contexts and 2 experienced Serge coaches.

Each session will focuses on deepening your understanding of core theological concepts and practical discipling skills to help you help others truly live out the gospel in their lives.

It's a highly interactive program, and the richness of this training, we believe, is really provided by the group experience of applying the material to our current ministry contexts and discipling relationships. We encourage you to be discipling others while you’re in the midst of training so you can immediately put into practice what you’re learning. 

This course costs $1,000 and includes 25 lessons, all materials, and 12 two-hour roundtable sessions led by Serge mentors. All feeds go directly back into the program.

How to get started: 

  1. Tell us you're interested.  Sign up using the Discipleship Lab Registration form.
  2. Find out the schedule. A member of our team will reach out to you with the schedule of the course sometime in September.
  3. Submit payment.  In that same email, you will get a link with a password to pay for the course. We accept all major credit cards. 
  4. Create a Serge Academy user account. You will receive an email after you submit payment with a button that takes you to Serge Academy and asks you to create a password.  After you create that password, you'll have access to all the course content!

If you have any questions about this process, you can write to grow@serge.org.