Discipler Training

Discipler Training is a 6 month, in-depth training program that’s designed to help church leaders, small group leaders and any other Christian make disciples who then make more disciples. This course costs $1,000 and includes 25 lessons, all materials, and 12 two-hour roundtable sessions led by Serge mentors. 

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How to get started: 

  1. Tell us you're interested.  Sign up using the Discipler Training Registration form.
  2. Find out the schedule. A member of our Discipler Training team will reach out to you with the schedule of the course sometime in September.
  3. Submit payment.  In that same email, you will get a link with a password to pay for the course. We accept all major credit cards. 
  4. Create a Serge Academy user account. You will receive an email after you submit payment with a button that takes you to Serge Academy and asks you to create a password.  After you create that password, you'll have access to all the course content!

If you have any questions about this process, you can write to grow@serge.org.