How to Make the Most of Your Serge Academy Experience


What materials do I need as I work through each lesson?

Just as with any class, it’s helpful to take notes as you are working through lessons.  You might find that you prefer to go the old-fashioned route of having a notebook and pen by your side as you study, or you might opt to pull up a word processing program next to your web browser and take notes there as you go along.  Do what works for you!

One thing we do suggest is that when courses ask you to submit long-form essay answers, you may want to type your answers first in a word processor where you can save your work.  After you are satisfied with your answers, simply highlight, copy, and paste those answers into the appropriate text boxes in your course. This will save you the heartache of lost work due to an interrupted internet connection.


What if I want to save something that I read while I’m going through a lesson?

Sometimes, the content you are reading is a downloadable PDF.  In those cases, simply hover over the upper righthand corner of the document and click the download button:

In other cases, the content you are reading is just text. The easiest way to do save this material is to click your web browser’s “print” option and select “Save as PDF” (rather than an actual printer). You are also welcome to highlight, copy, and paste text into a word processor on your computer and save the material that way.


How do I get around Serge Academy?

We have created a short video to give you a basic tour of Serge Academy.  You can view it here.


I have another question.  Who do I ask?

If you have questions about signing up for Sonship or Discipleship Lab, email grow@serge.org. 

For all other questions, email go@serge.org.